September 5, 2012

Why I Stay Fit--My Story

I was talking with a club member today about why I am a trainer and why I work out.  It was motivating me to stay fit just by sharing my passion with her.  So I am going to share it with you too!

In high school, I was not the most athletic kid, but I did play basketball every year.  I knew I wasn't the best on the team and the feedback I constantly received was, "You are a great team motivator and encourager!".  I took a class called Aerobics and Wellness, taught by a young and fun mid-twenties girl, full of joy (thank you Ripley!).  She was someone I looked up to and made me think about encouraging people in fitness, wherever they are in life.

Then I reached college.  When it came to decision time on finding my major, even though there were so many options that sounded amazing, Health and Fitness was calling my name.  I love anatomy and the science behind movement;  it was something I wanted to dedicate myself to (keep in mind, I had no idea where that degree would lead me...).  Even at the beginning of college, I knew that in order NOT to gain any more weight (I probably gained at least ten pounds), I had to keep up my workouts.  They were 'wee' workouts as I look back to them now, but I had the mentality in mind that my body would not stay thin like other bodies who ate just like me.  The dedication and knowledge grew and I began running more, which led to running my first half marathon junior year!  I've done 5 more, and have loved each one.  I still struggle with my body and knowing how much food I need to eat to maintain and lose weight (but that mission is lifelong!).

It's funny how things work.  In my capstone class, we learned about different avenues for fitness.  A beautiful trainer from a high-end resort club in Seattle talked to us about personal training, and I scoffed at the idea of propelling the notion that vanity is a thing to encourage.  When I started working at the front desk at 24 Hour Fitness, I began to get a glimpse of training as something that CAN be holistic and helpful for many people-it just depended on the trainer's viewpoint.

Now as a trainer going on 1.5 years, I can't believe I have found something that I am passionate about EVERY day!  I have my hard days, but that is mostly because I'm not working enough!  I LOVE meeting people where they are and finding a way to help them enjoy and incorporate fitness and health in everyday life and not settle where they are.

I stay fit because I can do amazing things and feel confident, strong, and vibrant every day!  I love hiking 14ers, trail running, cycling, and throwing weights around.  Those things may seem hard, but anyone can get there with time.  There are no limitations to how you can feel great too.  That is the beauty of fitness.  Some people truly have bodily limitations, but for many, the road blocks are in our mind.  Thinking about what it feels like to climb and be on top of the mountain range, I get excited to share that feeling...we are always climbing mountains and it may take more hard work and dedication, but we can all summit!  The body is resilient, strong, and able.  Be blessed that you are able and get MOVING.  Don't settle with where you are at--keep climbing those mountains because they are endless!  And we can climb mountains in community and share the pain and reward of hard work.

Happy trails!

My brother, dad, and I climbing Pikes Peak-a bucket list mountain!

DONT FORGET:  NEW boot camp class in the park starting SOON! Lets start that journey up the mountain together :)

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