September 13, 2012

C-6 and C-10: A History (and more Pancakes!)

The poll above is for a topic for me to talk about.  The 'diet fad' with the most interest will be discussed!

Real quick, here is a recipe I've used the past two days:

Protein Pancakes

1/2 banana, mashed
1 egg
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Apex's Supreme)
2 T. corn meal or another flour of choice
1/2 tsp. baking powder
 *add milk (almond milk!) to reach desired consistency-I used about 1/4 cup

Combine wet ingredients first and add dry to form into a batter.  As any pancake, pour on med heat skillet until it bubbles, flip, and repeat.  Serve with PB or almond butter if you dare!
**this is for one extremely filling breakfast, or two cakes for a normal stomach ;)

 I felt like adding some chia seeds in the mix, no flavor, possibly some benefit!

This breakfast was consumed after an early morning spin class (on top of the other tough classes this week) and I just couldn't get full!  Still hungry...

C-6 and C-10: A History

There is a great book out there that everyone should read, especially those of us who are gradually getting older (last time I checked, that's all of us!).  It's called, "Younger Next Year" by Crowley and Lodge.  This book explains something that is crucial to our human makeup, and something that is slowly causing us to age and get sick faster than ever before.

Let me take a step back and explain the biology behind it all.  Your body produces cytokines that regulate everything in your body.  Cytokine 6 (C6) controls decay, or inflammation, and C10 regulates growth.  This is very simplistic, obviously there is much more going on, but I want to encourage you with this...There is a steady trickle of C6, decay, that happens every second.  It takes a massive surge in C6 to trigger a response of C10 to clean up after C6's damage.  The only way to trigger that much of a response is through exercise.  You must sweat to rebuild and grow what is decaying in your body.

Many things can cause C6 to continue to release inflammation, on top of what it already releases in the body.  And unfortunately, it only increases with age.  Daily stress, apathy, and worry are huge examples of added inflammation that is caused mostly by our busy lives and jobs.  And, also unfortunately, when we are so busy and stressed out, we don't have time to fit in fitness.

Think back to our hunter/gatherer days...we would chill in the fields, waiting for prey to hunt, playing with the kids...when, all of a sudden, food is in sight.  Adrenaline (stress) rushes into our body as we attack, cook, and eat.  This is good stress--just like working out.  We need to excite that system, help it boost inflammation to produce growth, and start that process all over again, every day.  If you want to stay fit, healthy, and alive for the next few decades, you must exercise!!!

Alright, if this is interesting or exciting to you, read the book and go work out.  Get that inflammation going so that your body can clean up, rebuild, and make you stronger!

Here's lunch: A salad with tomatoes, avocado, deli turkey, red cabbage, feta, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar.  This looks small, but it was actually REALLY big.  Hopefully this will fill me up! Bye for now!

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