September 18, 2012

Help your Kids Eat Healthy (and you too)!

I have a neighbor who's 1(+a few months) year old has a hard time eating anything but dessert, yogurt, and crackers.  Yikes!  Although she is super healthy and fit, sometimes your kid just latches on to eating sugary.  As they age, it becomes harder and harder to attract the healthy stuff.  This website is a great resource to get your older kids, especially if they can read, to enjoy eating healthy.  It has super kids, each taking on their favorite color of healthy food and making it fun!  There are activities like coloring that are fun ways to make healthy foods cool.  Take a look even for yourself to see the foods that you should be consuming in your diet...

If you enjoy indoor cycling or would like to try your own attempt before joining a class, here is a great workout to raise your intensity:

Hill Repeats

Warm up: 1 song (3-4 min)

Song 1: steady gradual climb from easy-moderate to moderate
Song 2: moderate climb with speed intervals during chorus, with one turn in resistance plus extra speed for last repeat
Song 3: Steep incline that takes you from a 'hard' effort level to anaerobic/breathless (feel free to make this seated or out of saddle)

Repeat 3x and then cool down for a song!  This will get you indoor cycle ready!

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