September 16, 2012

Ode to Mt Sherman and SOOO Many Tomatoes!

We look happy right?

That is my roommate and I on the top of Mt. Sherman!  We did it!  It was her first 14er EVER and my SECOND time on Mt. Sherman.  However, if you ask me, that is two times too many. 
I decided to go along and climb Sherman with a group, even though my first instinct was horrific.  Sherman is windy, rocky, too short, too ugly, too windy, and did I say ugly?  It is a good first 14er, but I must say goodbye to Sherman.  There will be no more trips up to that windy top.
**do note that I recommend Sherman and think I have just been swayed by my bad experiences...if you were planning on it, stick with it!  Maybe just bring a wind resistant jacket...

On Saturday, we gathered all of the ripe tomatoes off our plants...

The perspective might be lost, but that is a LOT of 'brown berry' and yellow pear tomatoes!!!
Yummy and sweet for snacking ;)  For all of the gardeners out there, this brown berry tomato might be the sweetest cherry version I've had.  Seed Savers!

Big thanks for those who showed up to Boot Camp--definitely a success, but we need MORE to come.  It's not too late to start coming!   :)

Have a happy Monday!

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