September 7, 2012

Friday Art Walk!

Happy Friday!

Breakfast was a little toast and PB.  I was wary of its ability to 'feed the beast', but it filled me up 'til my workout!  Pretty impressive.

Today was beautiful.  Warm sun, yet a slight bite to the air, it was a true September day.  So of course it prompted me to go on a quick run and end with squats (and other fun things) in the gym!  Great 2 mile run, killed the squats :)

Here was lunch, leftover roasted sweet potato, carrots, and some grilled chicken on the side-YUM.  See the purple carrots from the garden?  Those carrots turned out to be a great pick from Seed Savers.  So sweet and delicious:

I've learned the hard way that if you use too little olive oil, it doesn't cook through well.  Don't make that mistake.  Enjoy the extra oil :)  Anyone have ways to make them more crispy without any panko/bread crumbs?

A Word On Seed Savers Exchange:
This is a non-profit, selling and exchanging heirloom varieties of crops.  Their mission statement is beautiful and they are priced just about the same as any other packet of seeds.  Spread the heirloom love .  Buying heirloom varieties helps the sharp decline in unique crop varieties that are becoming lost to a lost agricultural society.  Soils and landscapes need diversity, just as it was created (belief statement to follow ;) ).  If you are interested in starting up a fall crop or getting ready to start your first garden next year, do think about using Seed Savers Exchange or another similar organization that buys and sells heirlooms.

Tonight was a fun time with my two roommates at the Sante Fe First Fridays Art Walk.  TONS of people, food trucks, and of course, art.  There were many favorites, but it made me want to do some art and sell it on the weekends!  And food trucks are amazing.  I had a fresh chicken taco with mango salsa.  Support the local food trucks!

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