September 10, 2012

Salad Transportation Ideas and The Fruit Fly Battle

What a blazin' Monday!  Hope your weeks are off to a good start.  Mine sure is!  I got my car back AND I got 9 hours of much needed sleep last night.  Dang...

Here is a great idea, stolen from MANY sites and a fave on Pinterest (check out my page):  Salads in a JAR!!!  This has transformed WHEN I eat salads, since they can get soggy way to fast.  And I have plenty of jars around, which are great ways to transport without a plastic-y, here it is:

 The beauty of it is that you get to be artistic.  Layer 'harder' veggies on the bottom, as well as any nuts, meat, or cheese, and then add dressing of your choice, then finish off with lettuce.  I always run out of room for lettuce, but just make sure that you have MOSTLY veggies...

Here were my choices today in order:
-red peppers
-red cabbage
-one deli turkey slice
-a few cherry tomatoes
-splash of balsamic vinegar, touch of olive oil
-romaine lettuce


Are fruit flies invading your household as well as mine?  It is kind of ridiculous here, but I have solved the problem with another blogs idea.  This blog has great, cheap ideas for households...and through much sifting, her idea for fruit flies wins them all!  Take a glass and fill it an inch or two high with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.  Swirl, and watch the flies gather!  I took a pic today after I sat the jar down and waited a few minutes:

See how many?  I can count at least thirteen here...anyway, try it.  It saved my sanity.


I am starting up BOOTCAMP this Sat at 1pm.  It is going to be a great, high energy workout, friendly to beginners and hard enough for the advanced.  BE THERE and BRING A FRIEND!

First time is FREE!


At intersections of Dartmouth and Sheridan, go west on Dartmouth until you see Kennedy High School.  There should be a parking lot on the left.  Park and find me!  Questions?  Email me at or post a comment below.  See you there!

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