October 13, 2012

How NOT to Fuel for a Workout (and a High Tea adventure!)

Yesterday, I ate leftover chili for a late lunch.  As I was sitting at home working (and drinking mug-fuls of tea), I realized it was pretty nice out and I wanted to go trail run.  I had just bought new trail running shoes (since my regular running shoes wanted to slip right off my feet the last time...) and I wanted to test them out!  So, I hopped out of my chair, changed and was ready to run in 30 minutes, on a trail in the foothills (Mt. Falcon, once again!).  My time to the hiker/biker crossing: 24:10 (round trip in 40:00).

However, there were several things, I noted very quickly, that 'ruined' my run! Here is my list so that you don't make my same mistakes!

1.   Don't eat anything with beans before you run.  Just don't!

2.  Don't eat something that is heavy, hard to digest, and protein heavy either (just DON'T go for chili...).  This is a great example of how QUICK carbs like a banana, apple, piece of toast, and some protein, is a much smarter choice.  I like banana and nut butter in a mug.

3.  Don't drink 3+ cups of tea.  I definitely had to use some boulders to shield myself...TMI, I know!

4.  DO workout (especially cardio) even when you are sore, you can do it, even though you feel like you SUCK!  You feel better after...

5.  DO fit in a run outdoors with ensuing weather, unless you think you hear thunder...it sure got close to a downpour on me!  Here is a 'view' of the foothills (basically, it got so windy, the dust covered any mountain view...)

Here are my new shoes!

I'm a happy camper after I run.

Today, I went to High Tea at the Brown Palace Hotel, the oldest hotel in Denver!  It is very famous and beautiful.  I have had high tea two times before, but I was able to enjoy it with my mom and best friends' Vince and Victor's mother, Melinda.  How wonderful was our time together and delicious the scones, sandwiches, and desserts!  So filling!

 **Note our personal pianist behind us!  He was wonderful to listen to :)

**I chose the Black Currant tea, full of dark and fruity flavors!

I'm off to do my 'cardio', SALSA DANCING!  Have a fabulous weekend!

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