October 1, 2012

A Nutrition Experiment: Learn Through my New Plan!

*My last pear (from our tree)!  

Today, I started an experiment.  And when I say experiment, I really do mean a diet, although I am more interested in its effects on me to help with my clients.  I am perfectly content with my body and the way that it functions and looks and diets are not a part of my life motto, BUT... I want to see what I can do with small and healthy changes that will only support my holistic and healthy habits, not create a monstrous diet fiend.  The end goal should be some fat and weight loss...at least, that is what I am expecting!  My fitness routine will not change much (mainly for experimental purposes ;) ).

My new plan:

A la Tim Ferriss, my recent health and fitness fave, I am giving up a few foods and following Ferriss.  In his book, The Four Hour Body, he has 4 rules to live by:
#1 No white carbs(mainly flour and processed junk)
#2 Eat the same few meals over and over (proteins, legumes, veggies)
#3 Don't drink calories (just water and red wine!)
#4 Take one day off per week (this would take a lot of time to explain, but he thoroughly explains it in his book)

I am going to follow this and add a few rules of my own:
#5 Fermented foods are ok (although, I probably will not be adding cheese, since I'm not much of a fan anyway...)
#6 No Fruit: just to clarify, this is a part of Ferriss's rules, although I think I eat WAY more fruit than veggies, so I am going to adhere to that rule for the most part.  VEGGIE UP!

THANKFULLY, my birthday lands on Saturday this year, which means it is my day off and I get to enjoy whatever I want!

As I go through with this experiment, I plan to document how I feel, what I am eating and how my body is changing.

So far today, as my first day: I ate cottage cheese for breakfast and Chipotle chicken salad with guac for lunch!  No snacks are needed for now.  This diet has kept me full!

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